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Zhongshan Jinting Plastic Products Co.,ltd has been manufacturing blow molding products over 28 years in South of China, we owned two blow molding factories with a total of 50 blow molding machines from small size to extra large size. We are sure we could serve customers with enough capacity, short lead time, competitive cost, and better quality. JT manufactures blow molding products for leading companies in more markets than any other blow molder. We have engineers with more than 20 years of experiences which can provide blow molding solution for the below industries market: Hardware- We have manufactured thousands of tool cases, we are the golden supplier of Stanley, Blacke&Decker for years. Traffic safety- Delineators, Cones, Barricades Automotive Sports&Recreation. Housewares Indoor and outdoor Furniture Toys Lawn & Garden Seating and Chairs Marine Medical and care Sporting goods Other industries products Any customer or semi-customer request, our broad experience in the design and manufacture of blow molding plastic tool cases and custom blow molding products will be an asset to you at any stage of your project.  Confidence comes from professional, WE ARE A LEADING MANUFACTURER OF BLOW MOLDING PRODUCTS AND MANUFACTURER PLASTIC PRODUCTS USE IN A VARIETY OF MARKET AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS.  Contact Us for Blow Molded Solutions.   Blow molding Manufacturers Blow molded manufacturer Injection molded manufacturer Blow molding supplier Blow molding processing Plastic blow molding 
  • Ability
    *Ability: ·Part sizes up to 1.2m wide and 3m long ·Part weights from 100g to 35kg ·Part wall thickness range from 1mm to 8mm ·Colors are selectable, two colors molded in one time available ·A variety of materials available ·Embedded in metal or plastic inserts ·Molds, including moving slides, plug-assist and pin-forms ·Changing other plastic processing method to blowing mold ·Find a solution for special shape parts ·A dedicated team, committed to excellence
  • Equipment
    *Equipment: 30 Blow Molding Machines 13 Injection Molding Machines 18 Cooling Machines 2 CNC Milling Machines 3 CNC Engraving Machines 9 Automatic Material/Color Blenders 38 Pumping feeder
  • Process
    *Process  .Receive concept development and design assistance . Confirm the drawing . Engineering and CNC trimming . Making molds and fixtures . Material approval and color matching . First shot and sample runs . Assembly, decorating and packaging . Logistics support . Mold maintenance . Personal service/After-sales service
  • Capacity
    *Capacity: WE ARE A LEADING MANUFACTURER OF BLOW MOLDING PRODUCTS AND MANUFACTURER PLASTIC PRODUCTS USE IN A VARIETY OF MARKET AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS.  There are 30 blow molding machines in our factory and another 20 blow molding machines in our brother factory which is 20 minutes away from JT. Production capacity is not a problem for us.  
We can apply to different waters
On our website, you can learn about the specifications and dimensions of our floating modular cubes, as well as how we combine these modular cubes into docks, platforms, bridges and so on. 
Selection Of Solution--Our Products
We provide solution to meet the different water and different application
blow molding products
Kids Plastic Playground Equipment
We can meet your exact specifications for any children’s plastic product with faster results, better quality and lower costs. Blow molding process is tough yet provide excellent impact protection, and it is suitable for complex, precise part production.
OEM plastic cases
Blow molded tool cases
We produce over 5 million tool cases a year, more than 30 large and medium-sized hollow blow molding machines run, we offer complete blow molding design, tooling, and manufacturing services to create exactly what you need.
plastic chair and plastic table
plastic chair and plastic table
Plastic blow molding makes it possible to manufacture parts with a solid structure combined with high aesthetics on all sides of the product. Low equipment costs, fast molding techniques and highly competitive prices make it a choice manufacturing process.
blow molding products
Blow molding components category
We can customize all kinds of plastic parts for your products. We have machines suitable for parts of various sizes. Over the past 30 years, we have produced countless plastic parts that can be applied to daily necessities, toys, medical treatment, automobiles, and industrial tools. , Household appliances, we have a strict size control process, whether we produce the entire product for you, or a part of the product, we will ensure that it can be installed and used accurately.
blow molding products
Plastic Traffic Safety Products
The traffic safety facilities installed along the road are very important to ensure the safety of road traffic, reduce the severity of the accident, beautify the road landscape, smooth the traffic flow and improve the driving comfort.
blow molding products
plastic bottles and containers
Our extensive line of equipment enables us to run bottles and containers for a variety of medical, consumer, and industrial applications. The use of blow molded products’ diverse equipment allows us to blow mold containers from mini size to large size, with a variety of shapes, colors, neck finishes.
blow molding products
Automotive Plastic Parts
There are mainly two types of products: functional parts and decoration parts. Products including but not limited to: · front/rear bumper · A/B/C pillar · air-condition ducts · engine air filter pipes · bearing protective covers · engine cover · dashboard ducts · seat ducts · car spoilers · fuel tanks · threshold · car side apron
Modular Floating Pontoon
Plastic Floating Modular Single Pontoon
When we provide solutions to your project, we will choose different sizes of buoys according to the actual situation to make the design more reasonable. Single pontoon is small and flexible. It can be freely assembled into L, T, E, F and other shapes.
Plastic Floating FOUR-IN-ONE Modular Pontoon
The four-in-one cubes are up to 2 meters wide which can save you MUCH money when they are used in large areas.
Plastic bins cans
Injected bins cans
Injection molding is extremely versatile method of producing parts and products. It is one of the preferred methods for manufacturing parts because it has multiple advantages, not only is plastic injection molding simpler and more reliable, it is also extremely efficient.
Floating Modular Pontoon
Plastic Floating Double Modular Pontoon
The area of a double pontoon is 0.5 ㎡. You can see more application cases of double buoy. The application of the double pontoon is very extensive, please browse more of our actual cases.
modular pontoon floats
Plastic Floating THREE-IN-ONE Modular Pontoon
The three-in-one cubes can be 2 meters and 1.5 meters in width, when we provide solutions to your project, we will choose different sizes of buoys according to the actual situation to make the design more reasonable.
Exhibits and videos
Check out our news to learn more about us...
  • Floating Solar Power Station
    Floating Solar Power Station
    This is our recently completed project. This is a solar power station covering more than 10,000 square meters of water, with an average annual output of 2 million KWH (kWh). Photovoltaic power generat...
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  • Resisting strong waves
    Resisting strong waves
    On September 16, 2018, Typhoon Mangosteen hit Zhuhai and Yangjiang directly. The maximum wind reached 15 and the strong wind lasted for nearly 8 hours. Most of the areas in Guangdong were severely aff...
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  • Triathlon of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games
    Triathlon of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games
    In 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, triathlon was held in Xuanwu Lake. JT dock is very lucky to provide floating system for this great event. As shown in the picture, our pontoons were designed as a ...
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  • Cabins on the water for your perfect vacation
    Cabins on the water for your perfect vacation
    This is a resort built in a reservoir of Huizhou in 2018. We built a very stable floating platform/residential dock for this project so that people can easily build houses on the floating platfor...
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  • A comprehensive recreational ​floating project
    A comprehensive recreational ​floating project
    This is a great comprehensive recreational floating project we built in a lake. The floating project includes 12 fishing pools, 1 swimming pool, 1 sightseeing platform, 2 docks and 6 dry boat lifts. W...
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  • Our comprehensive Floating dock in Shantou
    Our comprehensive Floating dock in Shantou
    This is a comprehensive Floating dock built by us in 2013, which is still in use. There are several T-shaped floating platforms, and there are some metal bollards on the floating platforms to fix the ...
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  • Impact test
    Impact test
    High-quality floating pontoons should be thick and hard, yet flexible, strong and resistant. Inferior floating pontoons are thin, soft, brittle, cracked or twisted. The hardness of the product can be ...
  • Jet ski parking
    Jet ski parking
    JT boat lift will keep speed boat/jet ski form being rusty, dirty, and corrosion. You won’t have to pull the boat/jet ski out of water when it has to be maintained, washed, and painted. It is easy to ...
  • Cage fishing platform at Dapeng bay of Shenzhen
    Cage fishing platform at Dapeng bay of Shenzhen
    We have built the cage fishing platform in the Dapeng Bay of shenzhen. The annual average wave height of Dapeng Bay is 0.4 meters, and there has been a 12-level typhoon. Seawater salinity is 33.3. Our...
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