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Polymer therefore dominates the packaging market. Nowadays, the most widely used material is poly (Pet)(PET)Olefin such as polyethylene (PE)And polypropylene (PP). Even in the current recycling practice, it is estimated that after a short use, almost 95% of the value of plastic packaging materials will not be retained for subsequent use, causing a loss of 800-1200 billion dollars per year to the economy.

what is plastic igloo dog kennels | Jinting

Why is plastic igloo dog kennels ?

Despite restrictions on the import of raw materials and processing equipment, the plastic processing industry in Pakistan has been developing for many years. At present, the industry is able to produce various types of plastic products, from complex products such as pipes, wires and cables, to household goods, footwear and packaging materials. It is estimated that the country\'s annual processing capacity of more than 2000 processors is approximately 80,000 metric tons, with a major share of the extrusion process followed by injection molding.

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Since June 23, the food industry has been rethinking the service life of plastics. If some restaurants have switched to paper bags and cups, other restaurants use edible tableware. For example, Starbucks has replaced green plastic straws with paper straws and even served cold fries in paper cups. Then, some companies like CocaCoca-Cola and Bisleri even began collecting waste plastics from the city for recycling.

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