• Floating dock system
    Floating dock system
    The dock built with pontoons has the functions of berthing, cleaning, repairing and boarding people. Our designers will design the most ideal floating dock with reference to the influences of ship type, water depth, tide, water flow and wind and waves. The surface of the pontoon has anti-slip design and can be laid the wooden floor on the surface as needed. The floating dock is very durable, at th...
  • Speed Boat/Jet ski Dock - Dry Boat Lift
    Speed Boat/Jet ski Dock - Dry Boat Lift
    JT floating boat lift is convenient for speed boat/jet ski users, it will keep speed boat/jet ski form being rusty, dirty, and corrosion. You won’t have to pull the speed boat/jet ski out of water when it has to be maintained, washed, and painted. A boat lift is easy for a motorboat to drive on the boat dock or breakwater to allow easy access and removal of the watercraft. The material of the dock...
  • Floating swimming pool
    Floating swimming pool
    To run a floating swimming pool in an open air will definitely draw more attention of the tourist with fresh water and air. JT floating swimming pool allows a swimming pool build in the running water. Using the floating pontoons to build a swimming pool in flowing water gives visitors a relatively safe area that allows visitors to enjoy the water without worrying about safety issues, and is enviro...
  • Floating Fishing Platform
    Floating Fishing Platform
    The floating fish farming platform has strong wind, flow and wave resistance. The maximum wind resistance rating is 12 levels. Strong anti-wave ability, wind resistance up to 7m, strong resistance to flow, wind resistance up to 1.5m / s. The floating platform can form a large-capacity cage with a high survival rate. And the service life is long, and the floating platform can be used normally for m...
  • Floating work platform
    Floating work platform
    Why a modular floating working platform is your best on-water construction choice. Firm and stable Our floats have a capacity of 350kg/㎡ which is not the best we can do, to add metal frame and more layers could increase the capacity based on your project requirements. A good anchor system will help you have a stable working platform. Portable and reuse Most of the floating work platforms are used ...
  • Water Events
    Water Events
    Modular floating dock, floating bridge and floating platform are wildly used in the below sports events: Floating dock for Triathlon competition. Floating dock for sailing competition. Boat dock for dragon boat races. Jet ski dock for F1H2O UIM World Championship A stage for any event hold on water. Stage/ platform for a water show It could be a floating bridge leads you to the Competition venues,...
  • Floating Bridge
    Floating Bridge
    A floating bridge is constructed to create a platform which leads people cross the water; sometimes it is for temporary use and can be dismantled and transported for reassembly at a different location, while the floating bridge has often been used as a permanent solution. JT dock can assist in the design of bridges and walkways&...
  • Floating Solar Panels
    Floating Solar Panels
    Floating solar power plants can be built on a variety of waters. Whether it is a natural lake, an artificial reservoir, a coal mining subsidence area or a sewage treatment plant, equipment can be installed as long as there is a certain amount of water. Compared with the traditional onshore solar photovoltaic power station, the floating solar power station installs the power generation module on th...
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