The advantage of floating modular pontoons platform

Water platform refers to a platform that can bear a certain weight of object floating on the water. It can be used as a floating dock for docking small and medium-sized boats, except for large freight terminals that require cranes; platforms can also be used as auxiliary tools to maintain or repair ships, boats and other Water transportation tools; can also help to implement water work projects, and build floating platforms to assist other mechanical equipment operations.

The earliest floating platforms were constructed by trunks, boats or other floating bodies, which were relatively simple and low in stability, and could only be used temporarily. In recent years, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has been combined into a modular floating buoy processed through a blow molding process. It can be freely combined into different shapes of floating platforms, and has the characteristics of simple installation, convenient disassembly, low cost, and durability.
1. Water stage. Water entertainment, water awards, water themed dances, and other water entertainment projects can be completed by setting up floating platforms on the water.
2. Observation platform / floating restaurant. Whether it is a river, a river, a lake, a sea, a wetland or a swamp, the floating platform can be freely extended into the waters, or a sightseeing corridor can be built by the water to build a hydrophilic platform for tourists.
3. Water construction platform. In addition to enjoying the waterscape, people will also explore the underwater world, dig underwater resources, and clean up the water environment. The floating platform can be used to build a platform for these activities. On the platform, detection instruments, working machinery, etc. can be placed.
4. Hydrophilic platform. The platform that extends from the land to the water surface for the convenience of visitors to reach the waters they want to reach is called the hydrophilic platform. At parks, lakes, rivers, wetlands and other attractions that rely on water resources, we pay great attention to the creation of hydrophilic platforms, mainly in landscape pontoons, water walkways, and viewing corridors. Laying wooden boards on a floating platform usually completes a practical and beautiful hydrophilic platform.

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