The The application of floating pontoons in the tourism industry brings people closer to nature

People are eager to see the ecological landscape of the river, where the blue sky is clear, the trees are shaded, the fish and shrimp swim, and the birds hover. The hydrophilic platform provides a good platform for accessing aquatic plants and plants and understanding the water environment. Especially those who have lived in the city for too long are more eager to return to the truth, and the excellent natural environment is generally inseparable from the water environment such as rivers, lakes and seas. People are eager to get closer to nature. Nowadays, in many tourist attractions, you can see the unique and hydrophilic platform built by the buoys, such as: floating dock, dry boat lift, floating fishing platform, floating swimming pool, floating house, ecological floating island, floating bridge etc. And it has been loved by people, and the application of water engineering in the tourism industry has begun to become more and more widespread.

The floating platform built with the pontoon can effectively live on the water and people can enjoy the scenery of the water, which can make it feel like the the dust is washed, and it is divided into a safer area while being closer to nature.

The application of the water platform in various fields can further utilize the surface space, which is conducive to the expansion of urban space.

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