Blow molded tool cases

We produce over 5 million tool cases a year, more than 30 large and medium-sized hollow blow molding machines run, we offer complete blow molding design, tooling, and manufacturing services to create exactly what you need.

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  • Color:

    Custom color
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    Yantian port, Zhongshan port
  • Lead Time:

    45 days
Products description


We provide the blow molding toolbox can be a single or double layer, which is the best container for all kinds of instruments, hand tools, kit tools, sleeve tools, car care tools, steam tools, electric tools and other series of toolbox.

There are many options of hinge structure: they can be two folding, three folding, etc.

There are also lots choices of the buckles: clip buckle, slide buckle, tuning knob, etc., which material can be plastic or metal, and the surface can be silk-screen.



Our blow molding machine produce the maximum length can be 2M, the maximum weight can be 25KG, which allows us to produce many sizes of blow molding toolbox, to match the work needs. In addition, material, buckleshape, color, internal card slot design, there are many options for you.



  Our toolbox will pass drop tested before leaving the factory. With rugged materials to produce crashworthy products that can withstand a variety of harsh weather tests to meet the various requirements of customers.



 Our blow molding toolbox is your first choice for the cost-effective pursuit, which survive the most demanding applications at unbelievably low cost.

We have stable product quality and advanced technology has won us the opportunities to work with many well-known companies such as Stanly, BYD, and Decker etc. Of course, we will, as always, with high quality, affordable price and efficient service opportunities to cooperate with you and warmly welcome you to visit the factory.

*Plastic tool case/ box/kit

Blow molding tool box

Plastic Tool Box

*combo tool case     

combo tool boxes 

Tool Box Set 

Hard Plastic Injection Molded Case

*Super Size Bicycle Trunk    

blow molding boxes       

blow molded cases         

Large scale blow molding products

*Socket tool box      

Blow molded tool box    

Hardware tool case

Hand Tool Carrying Case

*OEM tool case

Plastic Brief Case

Plastic Tool Carrying Case

*hand tool kit

Plastic Carrying Case With Handle

Plastic Case with Handle

Double color plastic tool box   

*plastic tool case

High Quality Plastic Tool Case

Plastic Carrying Tool Case 

*plastic tool box

Medical &toys case

*Toolboxes of different sizes

Carrying Cases  

Tool Carrying Case

Fashion Plastic Tool Case


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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.