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We can customize all kinds of plastic parts for your products. We have machines suitable for parts of various sizes. Over the past 30 years, we have produced countless plastic parts that can be applied to daily necessities, toys, medical treatment, automobiles, and industrial tools. , Household appliances, we have a strict size control process, whether we produce the entire product for you, or a part of the product, we will ensure that it can be installed and used accurately.
Products description

We have produced many plastic products with high quality blow molding process,please browse some cases, such as:

*Pet cage and pet stairs

pet housing    pet house    pet cages

foldable dog cage   plastic pet cage

pet stairs    pet ladders

*Kids toy      

 plastic toys

plastic fence

plastic fencing

Large scale slide 

Plastic slide

Plastic long slide

*Medical care products

*Assembled storing shed

plastic storage shed

*Pipes and tubes of different shapes

plastic pipes     tubes

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Long pin for floating pontoon
Plastic Accessories Long Pin Strong and Sturdy Applied to link the pontoons
Steel Wrench
Metal Tool When we connect the modular cubes, we can combine them into floating docks, floating bridges, floating platforms, etc., This tool can be used to fix pins when we install the float. We can still use this tool for disassembly when we need to remove the float. Align the claws on the wrench with the two holes on the pins that connect the pontoons. Rotation can be fixed, rotated in the opposite direction and then pulled up to remove.
Plastic Traffic Safety Products
The traffic safety facilities installed along the road are very important to ensure the safety of road traffic, reduce the severity of the accident, beautify the road landscape, smooth the traffic flow and improve the driving comfort.
Modular HDPE floating water pontoon
The service pontoon can used to water/power/gas supply, without affect the appearance. For the high-priced electromechanical equipment, it is relatively safe, and it can also avoid the short circuit or electric shock caused by the damp and wetness of the line.
Safe and Stable Plastic Multifunction Small Cube Floating Pontoon
Use on the boat lift,so the speedboat / motorboat / jet ski boat can easily moor and launch. Used in conjunction with Small Half Pantoon 1, usually only the first pontoon of the boat lift is the concave one. There is a sloping concave surface on Small Half Cube 1
plastic chair and plastic table
Plastic blow molding makes it possible to manufacture parts with a solid structure combined with high aesthetics on all sides of the product. Low equipment costs, fast molding techniques and highly competitive prices make it a choice manufacturing process.
Plastic Floating THREE-IN-ONE Modular Pontoon
The three-in-one cubes can be 2 meters and 1.5 meters in width, when we provide solutions to your project, we will choose different sizes of buoys according to the actual situation to make the design more reasonable.
Bolt with nut for float docking assembly
Plastic Accessories Short Screw & Nut Strong and Sturdy Applied to link the edge of the pontoons
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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.