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We can customize all kinds of plastic parts for your products. We have machines suitable for parts of various sizes. Over the past 30 years, we have produced countless plastic parts that can be applied to daily necessities, toys, medical treatment, automobiles, and industrial tools. , Household appliances, we have a strict size control process, whether we produce the entire product for you, or a part of the product, we will ensure that it can be installed and used accurately.
Products description

We have produced many plastic products with high quality blow molding process,please browse some cases, such as:

*Pet cage and pet stairs

pet housing    pet house    pet cages

foldable dog cage   plastic pet cage

pet stairs    pet ladders

*Kids toy      

 plastic toys

plastic fence

plastic fencing

Large scale slide 

Plastic slide

Plastic long slide

*Medical care products

*Assembled storing shed

plastic storage shed

*Pipes and tubes of different shapes

plastic pipes     tubes

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Single Small Cube Floating Pontoon
There is a sloping concave surface on Small Half Cube 1, use on the boat lift,so the speedboat / motorboat / jet ski boat can easily moor and launch. Used in conjunction with Small Half Pantoon 2, usually only the first pontoon of the boat lift is the concave one.
plastic bottles and containers
Our extensive line of equipment enables us to run bottles and containers for a variety of medical, consumer, and industrial applications. The use of blow molded products’ diverse equipment allows us to blow mold containers from mini size to large size, with a variety of shapes, colors, neck finishes.
Automotive Plastic Parts
There are mainly two types of products: functional parts and decoration parts. Products including but not limited to: · front/rear bumper · A/B/C pillar · air-condition ducts · engine air filter pipes · bearing protective covers · engine cover · dashboard ducts · seat ducts · car spoilers · fuel tanks · threshold · car side apron
Kids Plastic Playground Equipment
We can meet your exact specifications for any children’s plastic product with faster results, better quality and lower costs. Blow molding process is tough yet provide excellent impact protection, and it is suitable for complex, precise part production.
Floating dock hdpe handrail
Plastic Accessories HDPE Handrail Strong and Sturdy Set up Handrail on floating bridge, docks, fishing platforms, etc. to prevent tourists from falling into the water and ensuring the safety of tourists.
Plastic Floating Double Modular Pontoon
The area of a double pontoon is 0.5 ㎡. You can see more application cases of double buoy. The application of the double pontoon is very extensive, please browse more of our actual cases.
V shape plastic floating Dock
The V float pontoon is designed for dry docks that are easy to park and launch. The V-shaped pontoons and the side pontoons can form a sloping plane. Your speedboat or motorboat drive on the platform simply through the power of engine. This concept is completely modular and any custom configuration is of course possible.
Plastic Floating FOUR-IN-ONE Modular Pontoon
The four-in-one cubes are up to 2 meters wide which can save you MUCH money when they are used in large areas.
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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.