Floating Bridge 2019-09-24

A floating bridge is constructed to create a platform which leads people cross the water; sometimes it is for temporary use and can be dismantled and transported for reassembly at a different location, while the floating bridge has often been used as a permanent solution.

JT dock can assist in the design of bridges and walkways to help ensure that your customer’s needs are met; we have provided services for listed companies, organizing committee of on-water events and government agencies, 27 years of experience made us a good reputation in the field.

Floating Bridge could used in the scenic spots, rivers, parks, to make people across the surface of the water or have more chances to play in the water. The unti-skid design make sure you are safe on the bridge. You can also add our rails along both sides of the floating bridge. It could be use in a peace water or water with waves.

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