Floating Fishing Platform 2019-09-24

The floating fish farming platform has strong wind, flow and wave resistance.

The maximum wind resistance rating is 12 levels. Strong anti-wave ability, wind resistance up to 7m, strong resistance to flow, wind resistance up to 1.5m / s.

The floating platform can form a large-capacity cage with a high survival rate. And the service life is long, and the floating platform can be used normally for more than 15 years, the net can be easily replaced.

Below is a little parts of our project with our customers from all over the world.

Please provide your specific requirement about the floating fishing cage,  we’ll check the reasonable solution for you.

~~JT cage fish farm in Neimenggu~~

~~JT cage fish farm in Puer·Yunnan~~

~~JT cage fish farm in Gaozhou·Guangdong~~

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