Floating work platform 2019-09-24
Why a modular floating working platform is your best on-water construction choice.

Firm and stable
Our floats have a capacity of 350kg/㎡ which is not the best we can do, to add metal frame and more layers could increase the capacity based on your project requirements. A good anchor system will help you have a stable working platform.

Portable and reuse
Most of the floating work platforms are used in a harsh condition and remote area, It could be transported to the remote area by truck or ship since it was modular cubes, the floating work platform will replace a working ship to finish the job because it can go where the ship can not. It can be assembled in the site by few people who read our installation manual and instruct by our customer service staff.

The floating work platform could be disassembled when one project is finished and could transport to another site continue to work.

The floating work platform not only could reuse but also use as floating bridge or floating dock by disassemble and reassemble the cubes.

1.1 Work floats

1.2 Floating tube platform

1.4 Floating stage

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