How to install a jet-ski dry lift

JT floating boat lift is convenient for speed boat/jet ski users, it will keep speed boat/jet ski form being rusty, dirty, and corrosion. You wont have to pull the speed boat/jet ski out of water when it has to be maintained, washed, and painted.

  We will introduce the installation of the jet-ski dry lift, here we will take the 4*2m dock as an example:


1.1 Fill two rows of pontoons with water. Please note that the first row of pontoons must be filled with 70L of water (at 28cm), and the second row must be filled with 35L of water (at 14cm).

1.2 The quantity of pontoons and accessories required for assembling a 4*2 m jet-ski dock is shown in the picture, please pay attention to the number of the earrings when installing.


1.3 Install all the short pins.

1.4 The earrings on the right of each slide are higher than the earrings on the left. You need to add shims so that the slide is horizontal after installation. Please refer to the number and placement method of gaskets in the picture. Use a small nut wrench to lock all the long side bolts and nuts.

1.5 Use a nut wrench to lock all the long side screws and nuts, please pay attention to the correct placement of washers to ensure that all slides are at the same level, please refer to the picture.

1.6 Connect all the short side screws and nuts and the horn plug,then you can get an complete jet-ski dock.

1.7 You can connect several 4*2 meters jet-ski dock to become a large dock, each 4*2m dock needs to be filled with water, connected them by the short pins, and then fixed in the water.

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