Kids Plastic Playground Equipment

We can meet your exact specifications for any children’s plastic product with faster results, better quality and lower costs. Blow molding process is tough yet provide excellent impact protection, and it is suitable for complex, precise part production.

Products description

Our outdoor combo play sets are the most popular products


· Easy-to-assemble for customer

· Material are certified eco-friendly and safe

· Can be used in any extremely cold and hot weather with anti-UV coating and rugged materials.

· The maximum size can be 3M long, 1.2M wide, the maximum weight can be 35KG.

· Sub-control machines hold the precise thickness, which make the thickness relatively uniform within allowed size.

· Slides, swings, seesaws, tunnels, trolleys, playpens, basketball play sets and others, can be use alone, or can attach some of them together to create a playground.

Services including but not limited to:

·  Design

·  Mold manufacturing

·  Product enhancement

·  Fulfillment of auxiliary operations

·  Purchase of subcomponents

·  Assembly and packaging

·  Direct shipping to a third party

*play set combo

Kids’ outdoor slides

Outdoor slide sets

*kids play ground

*Easy-to-assemble plastic play

Play house

*plastic slide and plastic swing

Blow molding slide

Blow molding swing

*blow molding play equipment

*OEM play set

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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.