• Construction of a floating swimming pool in the Maldives
    Construction of a floating swimming pool in the Maldives 2021-04-06
    We have built a floating swimming pool in the beautiful Maldives. This swimming pool can not only allow you to be close to nature, but also protect your safety, because there are water-filled pontoons at the bottom of the swimming pool and fences around it. These You can't see the equipment from the above of the water, but we have done these pre-work when we built the swimming pool, so that you ca...
  • Floating Solar Power Station
    Floating Solar Power Station 2020-08-24
    This is our recently completed project. This is a solar power station covering more than 10,000 square meters of water, with an average annual output of 2 million KWH (kWh). Photovoltaic power generation itself does not use fuel, does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases and other exhaust gases, does not pollute the air, does not produce noise, is environmentally friendly, and will n...
  • Resisting strong waves
    Resisting strong waves 2018-09-17
    On September 16, 2018, Typhoon Mangosteen hit Zhuhai and Yangjiang directly. The maximum wind reached 15 and the strong wind lasted for nearly 8 hours. Most of the areas in Guangdong were severely affected. The province basically went into shutdown, production, operations and markets. , Suspension status. Our company's dock on an island in Zhuhai city was still intact after being hit by this typho...
  • Triathlon of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games
    Triathlon of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 2014-08-18
    In 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, triathlon was held in Xuanwu Lake. JT dock is very lucky to provide floating system for this great event. As shown in the picture, our pontoons were designed as a floating platform for athletes' launching , as well as a floating platform for referees and other staff working on it. Our floating platform is very stable and beautiful, which is an indispensable fac...
  • Cabins on the water for your perfect vacation
    Cabins on the water for your perfect vacation 2018-09-09
    This is a resort built in a reservoir of Huizhou in 2018. We built a very stable floating platform/residential dock for this project so that people can easily build houses on the floating platform. Imagine the difficulty of building the cabins in water with concrete, the time and money you need to spend. It is much easier to build the house base on the floating platform. We have mature techno...
  • A comprehensive recreational ​floating project
    A comprehensive recreational ​floating project 2016-10-01
    This is a great comprehensive recreational floating project we built in a lake. The floating project includes 12 fishing pools, 1 swimming pool, 1 sightseeing platform, 2 docks and 6 dry boat lifts. We provide pontoons and in charge of design and construction. We have the ability to build such a complex and comprehensive project. And we finished it only in two months.
  • Our comprehensive Floating dock in Shantou
    Our comprehensive Floating dock in Shantou 2013-05-01
    This is a comprehensive Floating dock built by us in 2013, which is still in use. There are several T-shaped floating platforms, and there are some metal bollards on the floating platforms to fix the larger ships. There are also inclined dry lift for motorboats and speedboats parking. Apart from being a dock, it is also a floating bridge for tourists to enjoy the marine landscape. Railings on both...
  • JT floating swimming pool in Maldives
    JT floating swimming pool in Maldives 2017-02-20
    This is a swimming pool we built in the beautiful Maldives. Our floating pontoons can resist typhoon 12 and strong UV on the sea. Building a swimming pool on the sea can make tourists close to the sea at zero distance, and can also divide a relatively safe area to ensure the safety of tourists when they are playing water.
  • Floating fishing cage can bring you more benefits
    Floating fishing cage can bring you more benefits 2018-03-04
    Our pontoons are made of HDPE, which have good weather resistance and impact damage resistance, can prevent UV, antifreeze, and can automatically rise and fall with the rise and fall of water tide, environmentally friendly. Use the floating pontoons as cage and net culture can make fish grow in the natural water environment, but there is no risk factor of the natural environment, which can help yo...
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