Our Facility & Equipment

As an experienced blow molding manufacturer, we can do tough job which other manufacturers can not finish. We can turn your design into a real finished product, also can turn other processing plastic products to blow molding products, especially have the ability to deal with the special shape and irregular part line products.



·Part sizes up to 1.2m wide and 3m long

·Part weights from 100g to 35kg

·Part wall thickness range from 1mm to 8mm

·Colors are selectable, two colors molded in one time available

·A variety of materials available

·Embedded in metal or plastic inserts

·Molds, including moving slides, plug-assist and pin-forms

·Changing other plastic processing method to blowing mold

·Find a solution for special shape parts

·A dedicated team, committed to excellence


Our factory covers an area of 33,500 with four buildings, the facilities are equipped with the four-story buildings after 28 years of growth.


30 Blow Molding Machines

13 Injection Molding Machines

18 Cooling Machines

2 CNC Milling Machines

3 CNC Engraving Machines

9 Automatic Material/Color Blenders

38 Pumping feeder

There are 30 blow molding machines in our factory and another 20 blow molding machines in our brother factory which is 20 minutes away from JT. Production capacity is not a problem for us.


See the below process which shows how we work out a product


.Receive concept development and design assistance

. Confirm the drawing

. Engineering and CNC trimming

.Making molds and fixtures

. Material approval and color matching

. First shot and sample runs

. Assembly, decorating and packaging

. Logistics support

. Mold maintenance

. Personal service/After-sales service


The material you choose and the design and engineering process we develop will depend on various critical factors, including flexibility, stiffness, compressibility, memory, and travel.

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