plastic chair and plastic table

Plastic blow molding makes it possible to manufacture parts with a solid structure combined with high aesthetics on all sides of the product. Low equipment costs, fast molding techniques and highly competitive prices make it a choice manufacturing process.

Products description

We have our own unique strengths in the panels production, which were based on our extensive production experience. We will:

·Customize panels structure according to the function you need
·Make them un-deformed to fit for other part of the products.
·Our process can precisely control the size during production within allowable tolerances, 
·Do well in control the colors between different batches.
·textured surfaces & in different shapes, sizes, colors & complexities. 
·The maximum diameter can be 1.5m, the maximum length can be 3m

Blow molding chair and plastic table panels

Plastic Table Chairs

Plastic stackable chair

Plastic child safety seat

Restraining car seat

Outdoor table and chairs

Plastic blow molding chair   

Blow molding panels

Plastic student chair 

Plastic outdoor chair 

Plastic classroom chair 

Plastic student table 

Plastic outdoor table

Plastic folding table

Plastic folding table top  

kids safety seat     

car seat 

Plastic child safety seat

chair backrest         

plastic chair backrest     

blow molded chair backrest

backrests for chairs

table panel in different shape 

plastic table top 

plastic  table panel

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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.