Resisting strong waves 2018-09-17
On September 16, 2018, Typhoon Mangosteen hit Zhuhai and Yangjiang directly. The maximum wind reached 15 and the strong wind lasted for nearly 8 hours. Most of the areas in Guangdong were severely affected. The province basically went into shutdown, production, operations and markets. , Suspension status.

Our company's dock on an island in Zhuhai city was still intact after being hit by this typhoon.

The picture above shows the customer feedback photos on the day of the typhoon.

The ability of the pontoon to resist wind and waves is determined by products quality and anchoring system. Our company uses high-density plastic raw materials to produce high-quality pontoons, both in thickness and structure meet the requirements of resisting strong waves. In addition, when designing the anchoring system, we also have rich experience to help customers design a reasonable, safe, and stable anchoring system for floating platforms to against the strong wind and wave environments.

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