• <p>30 Years</p>

    30 Years

    Specialize in blow molding plastic products over 30 years

  • <p>20 Years<br></p>

    20 Years

    Have engineers with more than 20 years of experiences

  • <p>Professional R&D Team<br></p>

    Professional R&D Team

    The R&D capability is at the leading position in the industry

  • <p>Custom Service<br></p>

    Custom Service

    Custom service-Services could begin with a sketch, drawing, even a concept.


Mold design and Building

Before starting building molds, we will provide DFM (Design for Manufacturability) for both injection mold products and blowing mold products.

The below information will be listed in it:

Mold and product information

Product Name

Part line location

Product size

Blowing pin location

Product Material

Inserts location

Mold Cavity

Ejectors location

Material Shrinkage rate

Venting holes location

Mold material

Blow method

Blow method

Cooling system

To make sure both sides are in the same page, we will start to prepare the mold drawing after DFM has been confirmed. 

We need another 35 days to finish the tooling processing. There are the blow molding processing tooling material we are using, 718H, 738H, P20, #45, #50 steel etc.. Some of our customer who made auto parts will use higher grade of steel to make the mold.

We also accept existing molds removed from other factory for producing, just need to confirm their molds could match with our machines before transferring.

◈ Proofing stage 

It's time to move forward to the next step-proofing.

Proofing is something that we look forward to and excited about; it can finally witness our previous efforts. Generally go through the following proofing process: 

1st Shot Sample
From drawing to product, the first testing is to check whether the structure of the product is valid.
2nd Shot Sample
May make another sample if needed, and adding texture after this round of sample if needed.
3rd Shot Sample
It could be the pre-production sample.
Of course, More rounds of proofing may be required if the mold needs to be modified for some reason during development stage.

 Mass production and Assembly

The products are allowed to start mass production after sample been approved. Our company has a dedicated system and production manager responsible for the schedule of all blow molding products. Please check our "Production Processing Chart" to get the detailed information about how to producing and control the quality.

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Some of the finished parts can be shipped to the customer directly, but some of them need to be installed in our factory. There are 4 lines over 150 workers available to assemble kinds of complex unit. Our success in assembly is derived from our ability to look at an assembly operation and lean engineer it to streamline the process, often drastically decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete an order. We do not just assemble; we solve our customers' headaches while delivering orders on time.

◈ Delivery 

All the above efforts are aimed at being able to deliver goods on time and efficiently. We can load over 200 containers each month.

The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project.
During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.
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