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  • Over the years, Jinting has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. blow molded products Today, Jinting ranks the top as a professional and experienced supplier in the industry. We can design, develop, manufacture, and sell different series of products on our own combining the efforts and wisdom of all our staff. Also, we are responsible for offering a wide range of services for customers including technical support and prompt Q&A services. You may discover more about our new product blow molded products and our company by directly contacting us.From design, production to use, all process for producing blow molded products comply with international green energy specifications.

    floating dock, floating dock cube, modular floating dock companies spend so much time coming up with various products to reach diverse consumer needs. The key to floating dock, floating dock cube, modular floating dock competitiveness is innovation. Thanks to the multiple characteristics that have been tested by our QC inspectors,Plastic tool cases, plastic storage shed has a wide application in different fields mainly including floating dock,brand pontoon.We hold a firm belief that the broad application of the product will drive the industry to develop and advance rapidly.

    Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:Jinting
    Part:floating dock

    floating dock, floating dock cube, modular floating dock                                 


    1.Safety: with patterns on the top surface, Modular Float System is free from the dangers caused by slippery surfaces, splinters

    1,   Marinas, jetty.
    2,   Jet Ski docks.
    3,   Drive on docks.
    4,   Floating work platforms used in industry, communal projects, and navy engineering, etc.
    5,   Aquatic stages for water shows and activities.
    6,   Pontoon bridges.
    7,   Landing for sailors, rowers, water-skiers, surfers or navy vessels, etc.
    8,   Net cages for aquaculture.
    9,   Swimming Pool, swimming area.
    10,   Floating walkways.
    11,   Bathers’ play rafts.
    12,   Bases of outdoor aquatic beer bars, coffee shops, rest shelters, or floral   decorative displays, etc.
    13,   Motorized barges (powered by electric motors).
    14,   Floatation anchored raft islands.
    15,   Judge-stages for aquatic sport games.
    16,   Water-boundary markets.
    17,   Enclosures and separators for water treatment plants.
    18,   Aquatic life-guarding platforms.
    19,   Breakwaters.


    1. The paltforms use HDPE, a kind of reinforced material, erosion resistant, anti freeze, anti-oxidation, anti UV, it will not be eroded by sea water, chemicals, medicines, oil stains, water-based creatures. It will be no pollution and no enviroment damage with comprehensive enviromental protection.


    2. The top surface of floating body uses the anti-skid design, which is safe and steady. The four corners are designed as circular arc with obtuse angle, eliminating the dangers of common cement and wooden floating body,such as, slipping, stung by wood chips, rusted nails,etc.


    3.Higher bearing capacity, steady and durable, the buoyance will be more than 320kg/


    4. The life expectance of HDPE platform is very long. Only if fastened firmly, the platforms could be used in any kind of waters. There will be no need of maintenance and repairment except due to the powerful natural disaters and man-made inproper usage.


    5. It is easy to assemble, fast, flexible, diversified designs. Module structure is used in the whole platforms design, so that the platforms designs could be changed rapidly to staisfy various needs. The color of the appearance is beautiful, in line with international standard, and the promotion will be effective and excellent.


    In a long term view, the HDPE platforms are economical with reasonable cost, and could save a lot of charges and time to maintain, repair, change, inspect.







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