• Impact test
    Impact test
    High-quality floating pontoons should be thick and hard, yet flexible, strong and resistant. Inferior floating pontoons are thin, soft, brittle, cracked or twisted. The hardness of the product can be detected by hitting the pontoons with a heavy hammer. The following is a heavy hammer test on the float pontoons produced by our company. 
  • Jet ski parking
    Jet ski parking
    JT boat lift will keep speed boat/jet ski form being rusty, dirty, and corrosion. You won’t have to pull the boat/jet ski out of water when it has to be maintained, washed, and painted. It is easy to operate, can be mastered even by inexperience users,with JT boat lift, you can launch in just a few tens of seconds. 
  • Cage fishing platform at Dapeng bay of Shenzhen
    Cage fishing platform at Dapeng bay of Shenzhen
    We have built the cage fishing platform in the Dapeng Bay of shenzhen. The annual average wave height of Dapeng Bay is 0.4 meters, and there has been a 12-level typhoon. Seawater salinity is 33.3. Our floating platform are well protected against strong winds and waves and prevent seawater corrosion. It is still in good use after 5 years.
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